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Cold Storage for a Sustained Cold Chain

Cold storage and deep freezer space in the U.S. is extremely scarce due to the high cost of maintaining refrigerated space, not to mention the even higher cost of building entirely new space. The best cost-effective alternative is rethinking the shelving you use in your refrigerated storage and maximizing that pricey square footage in a new way. Whether you’re in the business of cold chain vaccine management, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, or even climate-controlled medicine storage, building or renting new refrigerated storage isn’t your only option for accommodating growth.

Our solution is the ActivRAC heavy-duty refrigerated mobile shelving systems, designed to withstand temperatures of below -20°F with a stainless steel option to avoid any frost and condensation. These systems feature carriage and rail systems with shelving that moves side to side and eliminates static aisles—which means you’re able to use every available inch of storage space you’re already paying for, at a much more efficient rate.

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Cold Chain Vaccine Storage

With a shortage in available cold chain freezer storage, it’s important to optimize your lab’s refrigerated space to fit as many doses as possible while securing a solid cold chain that remains frozen even through mobilization. Our mobile shelving systems are easily moved for direct access to the sample you need while doubling your available inventory in the same footprint!

Maintaining the quality of vaccines and medicine through a continuous cold chain is vital not only to sustain the potency of the supply, but also to comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Storage Handling Tool Kit guidelines for handling and storing vaccines such as COVID-19 and varicella.

Food & Beverage Storage

For the food and beverage industry, our heavy-duty ActivRAC shelving is perfect for storing both, small and oversized items in refrigerated rooms. Some clients in this industry may have entire refrigerated warehouses, which can create an even bigger problem for items needing to be stored in different cold temperatures. With the flexibility of our refrigerated rack shelving systems, we can accomodate different sized layouts for any room in the warehouse so your product is always kept at optimal temperatures.

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