Vertical Sterile Supply Storage

Sterile Supply Lifts for Ready-to-Use Medical Equipment.

Vertical sterile supply storage helps your organization save 90% floor area & maintain equipment cleanliness. Hospital medical devices and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are always looking at every aspect of cost optimization from logistics & supply chain to manufacturing. To achieve this, they seek technologies like our sterile storage vertical lifts that help save up to 90% valuable floor space, decrease time spent looking for & picking equipment, and maintain every instrument entirely sterile and ready for use.

Designed to meet all these needs, Modula’s vertical & automated storage systems are implemented in many medical and pharmaceutical facilities across the United States. This system eliminates the need to search for items and ensures that the right part is delivered to the right person, at the optimum ergonomic retrieval height. Ask us about our sterile storage solutions today!

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How Sterile Supply Storage Can Help Your Organization

Benefits of Sterile Supply Vertical Lift Modules:

  • Optimize your storage footprint: Vertical storage can free up to 90% of valuable floor space compared traditional warehouse storage.
  • Monitor inventory in real time: Modula ASRS offers full traceability and monitors your inventory as items are picked and orders are placed.
  • Integrate with your ERP: We can integrate the systems to work fluidly with your database.
  • Secure your inventory: VLMs securely enclose stock and allow access through user permissions and barcode verification, all while being easy to maintain.
  • Improved productivity and accuracy filling orders: Hospital workers will have an quicker time finding and picking equipment ready to operate with.
  • Compatible with your current storage system: Vertical storage modules can be deployed alongside your existing storage equipment.
  • Quick ROI: Not only will vertical storage pay for itself months after deployment, but the reclaimed floor space can be utilized for new operations, creating additional revenue.

Improved Storage Across all Clinics


Our vertical lift systems keep all of your surgical instruments, OR packs, and medical equipment sterile and secure while in the lift. With these systems, you’ll be able to store up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment per tray, that’s a total of over 150,000 lbs. of equipment per system. Moreover, our vertical lifts are designed with state-of -the-art ergonomics, meaning you won’t have to bend, stretch, or climb to get to the equipment you need.


In a pharmacy environment, getting the right drug prescriptions to the patient is the number one priority. These lifts will improve the speed and accuracy of picking the right prescriptions so you can better serve those in need. Ask us for more information on all our pharmacy solutions below.

Diagnostic & Forensic Specimens

Otherwise known as the pathology department, our sterile supply storage can be finished with an antimicrobial solution and unique air-tight sealing compartments that keep potentially dangerous specimens in a well-contained environment. This gives your hospital or research laboratory the highest level of protection from infectious disease samples and patient specimen samples.

Sterile Supply Case Study

The Challenge:

Assign lockers with a couple clicks of the mouse. Reset lost door codes. Audit deliveries and how long items have been in lockers. Get a birds-eye view of how many lockers are available. These are just a few of the powerful tools available with locker management software.

We partner with Gantner, TZ, RAS by Lowe & Fletcher, and others, to bring you the best solutions for your locker system.

The Solution:

A pair of Modula Lift ML50D vertical lift modules were deployed, and now store a wide range of manufactured inventory. In total, the two Modula VLM units provide 1659 cubic feed of storage within a 308 sq ft footprint. Each VLM module is storing approximately 2400 medical instruments.

This upgrade has allowed Innomed to recover previously used floor space, while also increasing productivity and creating an ergonomic work environment.

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) Solutions

Modula LIFT

Product specs & features:

  • Net load capacity up to 132,486 lbs
  • 9,050 sq.ft of traditional storage in only 150 sq.ft
  • Configurations available from 10 to 46 ft high
  • Ideal for medium to large operations
  • Great for medical devices and supplies


Product specs & features:

  • Ideal for small to medium operations
  • Durable steel interior and pre-coated exterior
  • Saves time, money, and space
  • Configurations from 8 to 23 feet in height
  • Up to 55,115 lbs of storage capacity

Modula Cube

Product specs & features:

  • Unit height: 107.5 inches
  • Ideal for low-ceiling operations
  • Net load capacity of 109,128 lbs
  • Automatic doors to access inventory.
  • Lighting in picking by area

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