Herbarium Cabinets

Specialized Storage to Protect Your Plants

Research is a critical function of all museums, especially an herbarium focusing on plant taxonomy. With any collection, proper storage is an extremely important consideration for preparing and conserving specimens. Plant collections are exposed more easily and more quickly to environmental contaminants than many other types of museum specimens and artifacts. For that reason, specialized storage, such as herbarium cabinets is essential for protecting your plant specimens.

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Hermetically sealed herbarium cabinets eliminate exposure to dust, insects, vapor, and more. Herbarium cabinets offer a variety of doors and drawers and storage compartment configurations. The cabinets can be constructed in many ways to accommodate herbarium cases, paper bags, or dried boxes. In order to provide a lifetime of service and fully eliminate contamination, our herbarium cabinets include door hinges that run the full length of the unit.

Museums are constantly changing and growing, which is why our herbarium cabinets can be combined with mobile systems to expand storage capacity while keeping your herbarium secure and preserved.

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