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Contactless smart lockers have many names; contactless, touchless, no-touch, self-service. Yet, they all serve the same function of providing a safe shared space to patrons. Workplaces are well aware that a secure, reliable, and hygienic locker solution is needed to show their facility’s storage is modern and people-oriented.

With a wide selection of locks with RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth technology, you can provide the best user-friendly experience for your clients. Let our space planning experts help alleviate your smart locker storage systems. Get a free quote below or download a complimentary locker brochure below.


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Contactless Locker Uses

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For Contactless Delivery

Smart lockers for contactless delivery are designed to mitigate more than a cluttered mailroom space. Contactless lockers offer a no-contact solution that minimizes recipient, staff, and courier exposure to pathogens and allows for social distancing, which is critical in today’s challenging environment.

Our locker solutions focus on minimal human interaction and reducing congested delivery room pick-up lines. Get a free estimate on how our smart lockers work below!

For Personal Office Storage

The typical office landscape is constantly shifting. Employees frequently expect their offices to innovate and upgrade their office spaces and technology. Our contactless smart lockers give your workplace the ability to charge phones, computers or tablets, while also storing their valuables throughout the day.

Like labs and pharmacies, other workplaces use touchless smart lockers to track where and when a specimen sample is accessed using a locker audit trail. The vast functionality of our smart locker systems makes them a perfect, tailored fit for any use. Download our free PDF below.

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For BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store)

The Buy Online Pickup In-Store model has grown exponentially in the retail industry over the last year. A new study from BusinessWire states that with “80% of shoppers expecting to increase BOPIS and curbside pickup over the next six months… retailers must position themselves to flexibly serve these needs, especially when it comes to e-commerce fulfillment.” More consumers wanting an increasingly contactless in-store experience, one with minimal interaction and maximum safety.

That’s where our BOPIS contactless lockers come into play. With a heavy emphasis on curbside pickups and local deliveries, these early adopters of BOPIS are well on their way to have contactless “everything” supply chains. So don’t be left behind when this new tech is available now!

For Device Management

Contactless device management lockers have also seen an exponential increase over the past years. Many companies need an area where employees can pick up charged laptops, phones, or battery-powered tools.

Our smart lockers are perfect for environments where shared equipment often lost, damaged, or mislaid. In these cases, the ability to identify who and when last used a device, tool, or piece of equipment can be essential information for managers. Learn how these locker systems can easily integrate with your own tech, contact us below.

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For Authorized Access Control

Contactless access control lockers are an ideal solution for managing devices and authorized users. Smart lockers are perfect for access control use thanks to their highly secure, easy to integrate, and user-friendly functionality.

You can rest easy knowing your valuable items are in a wholly concealed, secure, and vandal-proof locker bank. The built-in audit trail from our locks is also a great addition for even more control and security. Learn more by downloading our free brochure below.

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