On-Site Document Scanning FAQs

The Ultimate On-Site Scanning Experience

Sometimes it just makes sense to keep it in-house. On-site document scanning is one of our specialties. Our teams are mobile and our standard operating procedure works no matter where you’re located. We’ll bring everything we need to complete your project, including team resources, equipment, technology, and management. It’s like have your own document scanning department in-house.

We can establish teams to work on a specific project, ongoing processing or on a pre-defined schedule. Have any questions? Check out the list below for on-site document scanning FAQs, or contact us today if you have a different question, we’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We don’t have a lot of space? Can you still complete our project on-site?
Space is always a consideration, but depending on your timeline, we can adjust our team size and equipment based on the available space. We can also separate tasks into groups to take advantage of smaller spaces. Our technology provides a full chain of custody and tracking for every task regardless of location.

Do we need to supply any equipment or supplies?
Nope! We’ve got you covered. We’ll deliver all the equipment needed, including printers, production scanners, computers, servers, bar-code scanners, boxes, laptops, etc.

Do you sub-contract to other local vendors?
Absolutely not! Your project stays with us.

We have stringent security requirements. Do you do background checks on your employees?
Yes! We’re CJIS compliant which means everyone is subject to a complete background check and drug test.

How long will my project take to complete?
That depends on the available space within your facility. We can ramp up or down according to your needs.

Do we need to supply software?
No. Our turnkey solutions include utilizing our document management & tracking, as well as our production technology.

What if I need a record during the conversion?
We’ll retrieve and refile anything you need during the conversion.

Are on-site services more expensive?
There are additional costs for set-up and a dedicated manager. However, depending on the project size, these costs can be negligible and often off-set normal pick-up and delivery costs.

Contact Bradford Digital today to learn more about on-site document scanning!

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