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Reduce Paper Waste in the Office

Reduce Paper Waste in the Office

Whether your company’s goal is to reduce your paper waste or you want to be accredited by an environmentally-friendly agency, there’s more than one way to achieve this. Though we know paper is still an essential part of any business, we like to think there’s always a better way of managing any unnecessary wasted material. Going paperless isn’t as scary as it sounds either. Digital transformations are happening across every industry & they’ve shown how the efforts below can help lessen the company’s paper footprint.

Online Fillable Forms

If your business relies heavily on giving out and receiving forms from clients, then switching over to online forms and submissions is a sure fire way to immediately cut paper use. Online programs, like Adobe Acrobat, allow you to create and save fillable forms such as editable PDFs and even gather authorized signatures if necessary.

Document Scanning

In recent years, more companies have undertaken digital transformations than ever before. One of the main drivers of these efforts has been to reduce the amount of paper being lost, damaged, or simply used and forgotten about, by scanning all of a company’s physical files into an information management system (IMS). Scanning and uploading your files gives you a central location to evaluate every one of your files seamlessly and simultaneously. Document scanning has proven to improve workflows in any department, increase access to documents, and makes sharing files a click and send task. No more lost contracts!

Document Scanner from ibml
Large-scale document scanners like this one are used to quickly and accurately scan all kinds of documents into an IMS

E-bills, E-receipts, E-everything

Switching the sending and receiving of billing records to electronic formats is also a great way of reducing paper while also improving organization. Paper bills can easily get lost or damaged if not stored correctly. By having an electronic record of an invoice gives your org the ability to access it, pay it or charge for it remotely, rather than relying on the mail to deliver your communication in 2-6 weeks… The choice here is obvious.

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