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Package Delivery Brought to the 21st Century

Package delivery smart lockers help streamline mailrooms, retailers, apartment communities and more. Now that shopping is a 24-hour experience, retailers are seeing purchases at all hours and from all over the world. Though that may be great for retailers, the logistics of getting consumers their packages on time and more efficiently can become a nightmare.

Our Smart Lockers systems with innovative technology allow you to safely receive and deliver packages from point A to point B at minimal cost, customized to suit your needs and those of your consumers.

With collaboration and the right resources, our Smart Locker Package Delivery Systems serve industries such as:


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How it works

Streamline your mailroom

We create systems to help automate postal lockers that creates an audit trail in real time,  allowing you to see when the lockers were last opened and which are available/in-use.

Once a package is delivered the recipient receives a text message to let them know their package is ready to be picked up using a pin code, specially programmed RFID Card, or FOB.

  • Easy Pickup & Dropoff: Allows recipient to retrieve last-mile packages or drop off first-mile packages from the lockers securely
  • Courier Agnostic: You choose which delivery agents can drop off packages to the Locker and retrieve any uncollected or first-mile packages
  • Audit Trail: Delivery software keeps an audit trail pertaining to packages, lockers accessed, system over-rides and general system traffic › Synchronizes with Locker Management Portal to push or pull data and manage transactional information
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Locker Features

What makes our package delivery so smart

  • Durable & Secure: Our lockers are safe and secure with an available all-steel frame. The locking mechanism is made to withstand heavy force to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Customizable Design: Dozens of colors, sizes, and shapes ensure your lockers fit your floor plan, and design aesthetic. Custom wraps can add design flair, or show off your logo or mascot.
  • Easy-to-use Software: Mailroom software that is easy to use for both users and managers. It can even integrate with your existing HR or security systems.
  • Digital locks: We’ll help you find the right lock for your system. We offer dozens of options from Gantner, Lowe & Fletcher, Keyless, and more.
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Case Study:

Erste Group

Package Delivery & Day-use Lockers

In addition to day-use storage for employees, the Erste Group required specialized solutions for postal boxes. In the Erste Group mail room, 600 mailboxes, secured by a GAT NET.Lock system, ensure the private, secure, non-bureaucratic distribution of mail.

“Thanks to the close collaboration with GANTNER, the project was implemented on schedule and the installation is running virtually trouble-free with approximately 16,500 daily locker operations.”


Dieter Lang, Erste Campus Manager

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