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Modular Casework Creates Space for Follett Publishing

Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Follett approached us to assist with the company’s rapid growth in a rapidly evolving industry. As a major supplier of educational materials, Follett wanted to replace its traditional office spaces in favor of a more flexible work environment designed to benefit its people and its products. Hearing this, one word came to our minds: modularity.

The Storage Story

In response to their rapidly changing educational landscape, Follett Publishing wanted to pursue new ways of working. As they planned the build-out of new corporate headquarters, a key part of their new strategy involved the creation of a flexible work environment where spaces, people, and building products could respond and adapt to their changing needs.

The Follett facilities team embraced the concept of modularity in building products and made a smart investment in a modular casework system. Their new Hamilton Sorter casework system can be moved and re-designed just as quickly as their needs change. Working with Cannon Design in Chicago, the Bradford team worked to develop a flexible and aesthetically versatile design that will serve Follett for many years to come.

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The Success Story

The result? A resounding appreciation from the entire Follett Publishing team.

“Their flexible design was tested even before we moved into our new space. Of the 300 pieces of modular case goods, 27 pieces [roughly 10%] were relocated within the workspace to adjust to field conditions and meet the constant, fast-paced changes of our business. Our partnership with the Bradford team allowed us to work closely in a collaborative environment avoiding the cost and delay associated with change orders.”

– Darlene Edwards, CFM Director, Facilities Management

The flexibility of modular storage solutions proves invaluable to major business expansion and provides superior value to owners. Learn more in our Follett Publishing Case Study: