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Stacking Your Hospital Beds? You Should Be.

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Searching for effective hospital storage solutions, where extra space is always at a premium? Stop looking around, and start looking up!

That’s the bright idea behind new versatile bed stacking technology for healthcare applications, and clients couldn’t be happier with the results. Read on to learn more, and find out if a vertical hospital bed lift system is right for you.

How Vertical Hospital Bed Storage Works

By itself, a single hospital bed doesn’t take up much space in a hospital hallway or unit. However, add a second bed next to it, and a third bed, and that space starts to disappear pretty quickly. Now, take those three beds and stack them on top of each other. Their entire footprint shrinks to the size of just one bed, allowing for multiple units to be stored without wasting precious space. That’s how vertical hospital bed storage works.

What’s more, with vertical solutions like the Vidir BedLift system, there is no heavy lifting required! Vidir has perfected hospital bed storage by developing a motorized rack to stack and secure beds from the floor to the ceiling. Think of it as an elevator for your hospital’s unused beds. Benefits of the Vidir BedLift system include:

  • Push-button loading and retrieval
  • One-person operation
  • LIFO picking (last in/first out configuration)
  • Customizable rack heights for storing multiple beds
  • Space-saving design
  • Safe and reliable
  • Removal of fire hazards and other risks

Is a Vertical Bed Lift System Right for Us?

Still not sure if a vertical hospital bed lift is the best solution for your needs? Talk to the team at Bradford Systems today. We offer custom lift systems designed for everything from small clinics to major medical centers. Ask about electrical specifications, rack capabilities, and more. We can even install systems that accommodate heavy-duty and bariatric beds.

Gone are the days of pushing unused stretchers and hospital beds out of the way, or running from unit to unit and floor to floor in search of a spare bed. Thanks to the Vidir BedLift available from Bradford Systems, safe, convenient, and centralized hospital bed storage is now possible. Contact us today to learn more about our bed lift systems.