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Project of the Month: Arlington Heights Police Department

ahpd locker room

honor guard storage for AHPD

Improved storage for AHPD’s evidence, gear, weapons, and more.


Client: Arlington Heights Police Department
Markets: Public Safety
Products: Employee Lockers, Evidence Storage,  High Density

Planning the project

The Arlington Heights Police Department in Arlington Heights, Illinois, had been housed in a cramped, outdated building for years. When the time finally came to begin planning and constructing a new facility, the design team had several overarching goals: they wanted to improve comfort and efficiency for officers and staff, create a welcoming space for the community, and provide secure storage for records and evidence.

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Public Safety Storage – Securing What Matters

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When thinking about secure storage, your local police department makes for a great example. Take a moment and consider just what is stored inside. Firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, uniforms, records, evidence  — the list of vital assets is a long one. Having each of these items safely stored and organized for quick access can make a big difference in how the department serves and protects its community.

At Bradford Systems, we understand the important roles of our public safety agencies. We also realize that no two agencies are exactly alike. That is why we customize our public safety secure storage solutions for each individual client, and our storage solutions are built to last.

Spacesaver Gear Lockers

Whether your public safety team serves a major metropolitan area or a small rural community, the right kind of storage can make your demanding job easier.

Spacesaver gear lockers come in all shapes and sizes. They’re built right here in America and utilize an all-steel construction. Perfect for everything from duty bags to full-body tactical gear, these lockers feature three lock types and interchangeable parts for easy user configurability and expansion.

Spacesaver FreeStyle Lockers

Spacesaver’s FreeStyle personal storage lockers offer a customizable solution for departmental and even individual needs. These lockers come in a variety of sizes and options, with features that include double-wall welded doors, electrical-ready, locking sub-compartments, air ventilation, custom-perforated doors, and bench drawers. These lockers can be quickly reconfigured on-site as needs change.

Easy, immediate access to duty gear and personal effects is a great way to increase operational efficiency and employee morale.

Choosing the Perfect Storage Solution

Sufficient storage is a common oversight. The Skokie Police Department sets the standard for long-term evidence storage. Find out how we helped the P.D. better protect its community, and discover the many ways we can serve you.

Ready to learn how public safety storage solutions from Bradford Systems can improve your organization, and make life at work a little easier? Contact our team today.