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Increasing Efficiency in Government Buildings Pt. 1

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An effective government is an efficient government. The ability to manage large amounts of information – be it collecting, processing, utilizing, and storing that information – is a key driver in measuring agency efficiency.

Information and records management is what we do. Bradford Systems has decades of experience assisting governmental agencies and organizations achieve optimal efficiency. We’re launching a three-part blog series highlighting just how we do this. Keep reading to learn about best practices for management of vital information and records.


Reducing Paper, Enhancing Data, Saving Money

Piles of paper do nothing to promote efficiency. In fact, an overabundance of physical documents can be detrimental to workflow and productivity, not to mention a huge and preventable waste of money. Information management solutions from Bradford Systems help your team streamline hardcopy files with commercial scanning and imaging. Barcode tracking technology allows for instant file identification from large quantities of data; gone are the days of digging through folders, file cabinets, and archives, hunting for a single document.

Reducing the reliance on paper benefits our environment and promotes fiscal responsibility. This election cycle reminds us all that we’re living in a time when government is under added scrutiny. The ability to balance budgets is good for your agency, and for taxpayers, too.

Secure, Responsible Data Handling

Too often, space comes at a premium. Bradford Systems provides a variety of solutions to maximize the available space of your building. File room staff outsourcing puts our documentation experts in control of your agency’s file management, ensuring a clean, organized, and efficient process. Moving to a new floor, or an entirely new building? When guaranteed security of private records is key, our relocation team can inventory, itemize, and pack sensitive materials, and unload and discreetly reorganize those files at your new workplace.

A Smart Backup Plan

We’ve seen it happen. Even the best information management policy can fail if documents are mishandled or misplaced. Bradford Systems is here to assist your team with internal or external audit preparation. Document cataloging, indexing, and archiving ensures best practices and accountability. Not expecting an audit in the near future? We can help your team organize and prepare critical financial information for efficient long-term storage, creating a safety net should an audit or investigation ever occur.

How Well is Your Information Managed?

Do you think your office, department, or government agency could benefit from our information management services? Want to learn more about safeguarding records, protecting staff, reducing operational costs and compliance failures and significantly reducing overhead? Contact us today for answers to all of these questions and so much more.

The Benefits of Information Management Services


As technologies evolve over time and tech trends come and go, one aspect remains constant throughout: the importance of securely storing information. Whether you are a small business or a major corporation, operate out of a home office or a skyscraper, the need for information management is essential to your success.

How do you track the effectiveness of your organization’s information management? The answer is simple: You let us do it for you.

What Information Management Service Is Right for You?

Information Management, or IM, is the cycle of procuring, securing, distributing, and storing/disposing of physical and digital information. Information Management Services (IMS) is one of our core areas of expertise. What makes IM so popular is the flexibility and personalization it offers customers in all lines of work, but it can be difficult to know exactly what IMS you need. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to decide what you need:

  • Does simply thinking about that mountain of paper hidden in file cabinets and closets raise your blood pressure? Imaging techniques like high-resolution scanning and content indexing can turn that mountain into a digital molehill.
  • Moving your business offsite or expanding onsite? Our relocation services can assist with mapping, sequencing, and labeling to relieve some of the stress that comes with moving to a new location.
  • Need to complete an audit? Your IMS team can provide audit support, working with you to complete file inventories, database creation, and listings, where appropriate.
  • Have multiple locations and mountains of paperwork? Clients with multiple locations and/or facilities can benefit from consolidation, merging, and other conversion services.
  • Need to safely destroy sensitive information or store old files? Our IMS team can take care of you when it comes time for disposition of information, including archiving, secure destruction, and more.

Why Bradford Systems?

When you invite Bradford Systems to administer your company’s information management, you receive much more than just a service. You gain a partner. With more than 45 years of experience in IMS, we provide customized solutions that meet and exceed your individual needs. We never outsource our work; instead, you can count on our team of permanent and dedicated specialists to lead you through every step and every project.

Whether your business relies on paper documents, digital files, or both, find out how working with an IMS professional can streamline and simplify your entire information management process. Learn more about our IMS Services.