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How to Modernize a Historic Weapons Armory

How to Modernize a Historic Weapons Armory

When the U.S. Army needed to design a historic weapons training classroom that was as secure as an armory, the project planning team called on our friends at Spacesaver to help.

Storing and Displaying Historic Weapons

This U.S. military base is one of the Army’s largest training sites, and it has entire campuses to train soldiers in a variety of specialties. Ordnance trainees, for instance, learn about the latest technological advances as well as historic weaponry and associated equipment.

In the past, historic weapons were stored in several different locations. Now a new facility consolidates the weapons collections to save time, improve preservation conditions, and enhance the educational experience for the 8,000-10,000 ordnance soldiers who visit the facility for training every year.

When designing the facility, one of the staff’s primary goals was to create a weapons classroom. Because the military doesn’t distinguish between active and historic weapons, the weapons storage system had to comply with all regulations for active armories, which included fully securing the weapons.

military display room
The new display room in one of the U.S. Army’s largest training sites

Illuminated Weapons Racks in Cabinets

The training center’s staff called on the local Spacesaver consultant for assistance, and he devised a creative solution to provide visibility as well as security. First, he measured the available space and obtained an inventory of weapons to be stored.

He designed Spacesaver’s UWR® (Universal™ Weapons Rack) Storage System, the most flexible weapons security storage system available, to fit the space and accommodate all the weapons. Then he added 4-Post shelving units to contain the racks, and he added frame doors with glass windows and locks to create an affordable alternative to museum cabinets.

An LED lighting system operated by a single switch completed the design.

Windowed weapons cabinet
Windowed cabinets for clear weapons display

An Armory / Weapons Training Classroom

The resulting “cabinets” offer secure visible storage for a variety of historic weapons. When a group of trainees is scheduled to attend class in the room, staff open the UWR® doors, secure the glass doors, and flip on the lights to promote full visibility into the cabinets. After a training session, the UWR® doors are closed and locked again to fulfill security requirements.

Perforated door display for weapons
Perforated door display for weapons cabinets

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