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3 Ways Smart Lockers Can Improve Device Management

3 Ways Smart Lockers Can Improve Device Management

Device management, for our purposes, is “the process of managing the implementation, operation and maintenance of a physical device.” A proper device management system will have a combination of audit trails, locker management software, and even charging capabilities. Accommodating these features into a locker bank system is essential for what our clients need them to do. Many clients have recently reached out to us for lockers with device management capabilities, so we’ve put this list together on how to improve device management using smart lockers.

Device Management Hardware

Managing hardware/physical devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones and more are some of the main products needing device management software. Smart lockers can help with the distribution of these devices to authorized personnel. Using an NFC, RFID, or Bluetooth lock, authorized users are able to check these hardware devices in and out during working hours. What’s more is you’ll know exactly who checked the item out and for how long they had it thanks to the audit trail in the locker software.

Device Management Hardware
Smart locker RFID, NFC, & Bluetooth locks are perfect for managing your device management locker banks

Energy Saving & Charging

Getting a powered device with a depleted battery is never a good thing. Thankfully, smart lockers can be fitted with chargers and power outlets which allow for overnight charging. You’ll always have your devices ready to use at any moment of the day. No more bothering with extra-long charging cords everywhere. What’s also great is the low energy use of these locker banks. This saves you even more money while charging your devices in the after-hours.

Charging Capabilities in Smart Lockers
Save energy and time with in-locker chargers

Renting Equipment

Smart lockers are a great way to manage rental equipment and devices as well. Smart lockers can be available for rent during working hours and have them open for maintenance in the evening. Thanks to locker software and its audit trail, you can find out how long a device was rented and if it has been sanitized before the next use. Place rental limits and give/remove access to certain units, all from one centralized database.

Rental equipment software
Locker software equipment helps with the management and distribution of devices

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Game-Changing Lockers for Athletic Storage

Game Changing Lockers for Athletic Storage

Safe and Organized Lockers for Athletic Storage

Streamline workflows, protect valuable gear and equipment, and help your athletes and guests keep their belongings secure with durable lockers for athletic storage that look great, are easy to clean, and boost team pride. Save time and keep your focus on optimum performance with top-of-the-line metal day use lockers.

In partnership with Spacesaver, Bradford Systems has been the gold standard for athletic equipment storage for decades. Our day use lockers help solve issues with personal storage, team organization, and athletic equipment exchange. Have you noticed backpacks and bags piling up outside training rooms? Is it a hassle to hand out clean laundry? Do you have any health or safety concerns due to inadequate storage around your facility? If you are answering yes to any of these questions read about our specific applications & how we can help you tackle any storage challenge.

Day Use Athletic Lockers
Heavy-duty steel frame engineering makes these lockers reliable and long-lasting

Flexibility with Options

To keep your valuable equipment and uniforms clean, organized, and secure, our lockers come with great options, for instance:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame to withstand frequent use and humid environments
  • Engineered and tested to ensure reliability
  • Antimicrobial paint coatings and venting available
  • Custom sizes, colors, and graphic wraps
  • Flexible locker configurations for any space
  • Concealed hinges on right or left side
  • Sleek, seamless construction with aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Variety of lock options, including touchless RFID & NFC locks
  • Modular, reconfigurable, and expandable
  • Made in the USA
smart locker bank
Our athletic use lockers come with an array of options to fit your exact needs

Sturdy and Secure, Indoor or Out


Help athletes focus on training by offering convenient and secure storage for personal items like electronics, snacks, and other belongings that are prohibited in training areas.


Provide peace of mind in crowded suites and press rooms with secure storage for personal belongings. Lockers can be built inside individual suites or in common areas, and keyless locks prevent the hassles associated with lost keys.


Locker rooms aren’t always available to referees, and crowded bleachers and hallways don’t provide adequate storage for personal gear. Lockers are ideal for referees and spectators looking to rent out locker storage at wrestling, indoor soccer, gymnastics, and other indoor practices and events.

5 Row Day Use Locker Bank
Rent out day use lockers at sporting events for referees and fans to safely store their gear

Athletic Lockers Dual-Colored

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