Scanning Services for Essential Information Access

Scan Plans for Emergency Situations

Improve access to documents for remote teams while maintaining compliance

Digitizing may not have been considered a priority before COVID-19. But paper based systems are still in place and are now causing a challenge for companies trying to meet their work from home requirements.

Scan Plans can help companies who are not ready or do not have the budget to digitize entire collections of documents.  We can help identify what is most relevant and vital to business continuity by simplifying the process. It doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” initiative.

Bradford Systems has smart and affordable scan plans that can be customized according to your budget and your company’s unique needs. We have a team of records management professionals that can guide you through budget friendly options and meet your current needs while still providing options for future enhancements.

Benefits of Scan Plans

  • Our team will safely pack, track, and transport your documents to our secure facility that aligns with the CDC precautions.
  • Scan plans are customizable and provide you with the tools you need at a cost you can afford.
  • Free secure storage for your hard copy documents during the duration of your scan plan.
  • 12-24 month plans available. Longer durations available for large collections.

Use our scanning services only for as long as you need to. Once all your documents have been scanned, you have the option to safely dispose of your papers instead of keeping them in an off-site storage facility. No more paying for mountain-high storage fees every month!

Sample Scan Plan

  • Intake & inventory of 500 boxes (we can also provide packing labor and materials if needed)
  • Identification of key records that are relevant now.
  • Monthly or quarterly scanning based on your budget amount
  • On demand scans with no service fees during your scan plan

Set up a scan plan or ask us about our business continuity services.

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