Locker Markets & Applications

Our smart locker markets change with the ever-evolving world of technology. Moving quickly into the privacy and security sector, business owners from small gyms and libraries to massive theme parks and universities are looking for new and innovative ways to accommodate their guests, students & visitors. Our locker’s reassure that your patron’s possessions, privacy, and security are taken care of without question.

We’ll find the right use case for your business

At Bradford Systems, we want to find the locker system that best suits your needs and budget. Our consultants will work with you to design and execute the perfect smart or day locker market solution tailored to your specific needs, budget, and requirements. Our locker systems feature state-of-the-art locking devices, a modular locker design, and locker management software that offers you secure, accountable & convenient solutions. Get a free quote for your market below.

Applicable smart locker markets include:

  • Corporate offices
  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Inventory management
  • Fitness centers and more

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Locker Markets & Uses

Corporate Uses

Day-use Lockers

Companies are beginning to realize that the way spaces are designed and secured is very important. Day-use lockers create flexible storage for your workforce that can be assigned on the fly to workers on the move. In today’s modern office space, day-use lockers are an amenity adds value to your office space.

Audit-trail delivery

Smart lockers are the perfect tool to track and audit deliveries and access to sensitive inventory. Streamline and improve the exchange of accountable mail, inter-company documents, manufacturing components, or other critical assets that need to be delivered safely and timely.

Package Delivery

Automate your mailroom

Perfect for mailrooms in large offices, student dorms, and condo buildings. Smart lockers provide 24-hour access and increased security. The system can work with both internal and external delivery personnel to streamline package delivery. All package deliveries and pickups can be audited to ensure your building isn’t liable for missing packages.

Better locker management

Recipients are notified when they have a package by the locker software, reducing the amount of time a locker is in use. Notifications can also be automated to remind recipients if there package hasn’t yet been picked up. Less lockers in use means you can accommodate more deliveries with less space.

Universities & Libraries

Today’s libraries and schools are evolving. They’re shifting from a place to simply check out a book or study to offering the full gamut of resources—computer labs, meeting rooms, collaboration centers, cafes, and more.

Likewise, education is the foundation to success, which is why we take educational storage issues seriously. From administrative areas to libraries, special collections, athletics, science storage, and labs, we have the locker storage solutions for your university or library’s needs and budget. Our storage experts carefully create solutions that adapt with your evolving needs – providing secure storage needs for patrons, students and library staff.

Controlled Inventory

Certain inventory may require the ability to control access, audit capabilities, and possibly even keep items refrigerated. Smart lockers are the ideal solution for these strict requirements. They have all the underlying technology for managing evidence, maintaining inventory of highly regulated medication, or managing access supplies and tools.

Example Smart Locker Use Cases:

  • Maintaining security and access to narcotics, along with maintaining records each time a locker has been accessed
  • Storing shared company equipment or tools, and quickly auditing how many tools are in use and who the last employee was who accessed a certain item
  • Delivering sensitive documents to attorneys or accountants. Many firms require sign off to deliver sensitive documents. Smart lockers can help create the necessary audit trail

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