Day Lockers

Day Use Lockers by Spacesaver for Dynamic Workspaces

Bradford Systems can create a modern locker storage system for your flexible commercial space. 

Spacesaver day lockers are made of steel, which sets them apart from most high-pressure laminate locker systems. Their locker can be outfitted with many different lock options to suit your organization’s needs, whether it’s an RFID capable lock from BeCode or Gantner, or a combination lock from RAS or Zephyr.

Our team of storage experts can work your internal team or architecture firm to help design corporate storage to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to secure sensitive medical supplies, create a modern locker system in your gym, or update your employee locker system in your office space, Bradford Systems has the experience and know-how to help.

Need design inspiration? Download a brochure that re-imagines workplace storage using day lockers.

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Day Locker Features

  • Update your employee storage and provide easy-to-use digital locks.
  • Combine high-end style and functionality to create storage for patrons of your hotel pool, gym, or spa.
  • Create secure storage in office spaces with workforces, such as coworking spaces and shared offices.
  • Keep medical supplies secure using a combination of mobile storage and employee-specific access.
  • Provide secure lockers to both students and faculty at your university, college, or elementary school.

Smart Lock Options

We offer a variety of options for your day use locker system. Our storage experts will help you select the right lock for your needs. Don’t see the lock you like listed? Don’t fret. We likely carry it.

BeCode Air

The system is suitable where RFID systems are already in use or planned. Can be retrofit into existing storage systems.

BeCode MiniPad

The mini can fit into the smallest lockers. Easy operation and new lock mechanism make for excellent security.

BeCode Pad

A rugged locking mechanism, ideally suited for universities, or workplaces with lot’s of wear and tear. No keys necessary.

Zenith RAS Lock

With a solid zinc alloy housing, ten-digit keypad, multiple fixing points and a secure key override as standard, the Zenith digital lock is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

Gantner RFID

This system uses NFC or RFID, and is known for its ease of use, security, and flexibility. Gantner offers lock options for both steel and HPL.


Digilock locks use of a 4-digit code or RFID. The locks can also be operated with a User Key, making the lock system ADA compliant.

Zephyr Keypad

Designed to meet the same security levels as used in Banking Smart cards and comply with ADA guidelines. These lock systems can be utilized in a variety of areas.

Traditional Locks

Looking for a low-tech solution? We offer those too. Smart locks are certainly the future, but aren’t necessary for all installations.

Interested in a spec sheet for smart locks? Contact us and we’ll send you any specs you need for your project.


CBRE Office Redesign with Day Lockers

In the old days, I was always on the phone ordering replacement keys or breaking into lockers with a letter opener. With our BeCode locker system that is secure and easy-to-operate, if someone forgets their number or loses a card there are designated people who have master codes and cards to open the lockers and reprogram the locks.

Zoe Harris, Office Manager at CBRE