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Since 1968, we've assisted nationwide clients become more efficient through better storage solutions & complete digital transformations.

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High-density shelving in map library


Libraries, athletics, music, & special collections


Education Solutions

public safety locker room

Public Safety

Gear lockers, evidence storage, and more. 

Public Safety Solutions

day use lockers in an office


File storage, day-use lockers, mail centers, and information management.


Business Storage Solutions

bed lifts for healthcare


Bedlifts, storage bins, materials management, and operating suites.


Healthcare Storage Solutions


Vertical lift modules (VLM), parts sorting, high-density racking, tire racks, refrigerated storage.


Industrial Storage Solutions

Scan Plan for essential businesses

COVID-19 Relief Scan Plan

Emergency relief document scanning for business continuation.


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Digital Transformation Services

Our extended focus on security, control, and quality assurance let’s us do what our competitors can’t – provide a proper digital transformation environment that remains visible to our clients through our nationwide digital tracking process. Whether your company needs to meet strict regulations in Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Government, HR, or any other market, we have the experience to help.

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Case Studies

Museum Collections Storage at Chicago's Field Museum Protects History

Chicago’s Field Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. With 24 million specimens in its collection and a growth rate of 200,000 items per year, the museum was struggling with not only having the right kind of storage, but enough storage. When the Museum embarked on a two-level, 180,000 square foot building to protect their collections, they reached out to us to help with storage systems that offered protection and accessibility.

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Chicago Field Museum
Modern Storage and History Combine at St. Louis Public Library

Built over a hundred years ago and located in the heart of the city's vibrant downtown, the St. Louis Central Library's architecture has been a "must-visit" for visitors all over the world. The library was big on history—but small on remodeling throughout the years. Realizing that the building would need to be updated to better serve the community, the library's staff knew that everything started with the shelving and storage solutions they'd be able to create—and having worked with them on a separate off-site storage project several years prior, we knew we could deliver a solution.

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St. Louis Public Library
Storage No Longer Suspect at Skokie Police Department

Located just 16 miles west of downtown Chicago, the village of Skokie, Illinois is home to over 65,000 people. The fast growth of the village came with more than a few growing pains—particularly for Skokie’s police department, who had outgrown the 27,000 square foot building it had been in many years before. Recognizing these issues, the village planned to convert an abandoned 79,300 square foot plant into a contemporary police headquarters. Skokie’s New Headquarters Team knew the role storage systems would play a huge role in the success of the renovation, and invited us to be part of the process early on.

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Skokie Police Department
Smart Storage Makes the Difference for Notre Dame Football

With 11 consensus National Championships, 97 All-Americans, and 486 Fighting Irish players chosen by NFL teams in the Draft, Notre Dame’s football team is one of the most recognized and iconic programs in college sports history. But when it came to the organization of their football equipment room, the team was doing exactly that—fighting a battle with a less than ideal storage situation. Wasted space, crowded conditions, and lack of storage were contributing to an equipment room that wasn’t functional, Notre Dame’s equipment manager turned to Bradford for an analysis of their space and how their gear and equipment could be better stored.

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Notre Dame Football

Our Philosophy

Our job is to align the best physical and digital means of information and material storage in order to create holistic storage systems. These solutions allow us to develop a more efficient, safe and effective working environment for our clients.

Our team of space planning experts is devoted to working hand in hand with our clients to solve storage and design challenges of any size & complexity. We design the country’s most efficient and cost effective systems to manage materials and information that improve the overall ROI of any business. Click below to get in touch with an expert today!

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