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At Bradford Systems, we want to find the storage system that best suits your needs and budget, which is why our Smart Locker consultants will carefully assess your space, listen to your desires, and find you the perfect solution. You deliver to your customers every day, now let us deliver for you.

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Smart Locker Features

The Smart Locker System features state-of-the-art locking devices, a modular locker design, and system software to offer you secure, efficient, accountable, and convenient package delivery and auditable asset storage. Our unique software system gives users 24-hour access to their lockers and the ability to track deliveries remotely.

Smart Locker System Benefits

  • 24/7 access for convenient parcel pick-up — no signature required
  • Email and text alerts immediately notify customers after their packages have been delivered
  • Total Security reduces lost packages and keeps deliveries secure
  • State-of-the-art software logs every package drop-off and pick-up for complete parcel tracking and accountability
  • Couriers deliver directly to your locker system to reduce labor and increase efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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TZ Smart Locker Applications

Intelligent Package Delivery

Corporate Mailrooms

TZ Smart Lockers streamline corporate mail centers to improve both security and deliverability of parcels. The TZ Smart Locker system automatically notifies employees to pick up their package, while also tracking delivery. Learn more about TZ lockers for corporate mail centers.

Campus Mail

Smart lockers enable Universities to offer students the convenience of being able to pick-up their parcels 24/7, while still being able to operate traditional business hours in your campus mail room. TZ College Mail Locker solutions include integration with third-party Track and Trace and established mail management.

High Density Residential

The volume of package deliveries continue to increase each year, while successful package delivery is often a difficult task in many high-rise and mid-rise condo buildings. Installing smart lockers can both greatly increase security, but will also simplify mailroom procedures within your building.

Workplace Day Lockers

With more and more workplaces allowing remote working and flexible work spaces, day lockers allow just the right amount of real estate to provide employees safe, easy-to-access storage. Even better, smart lockers systems are capable of integrating with your HR procedures, allowing for remote management of storage.

Day Use Lockers for Dynamic Spaces

Day lockers are a growing in popularity as space planners realize their flexibility as a locker option. The digital locks make them easier to manage, and shifting workplace environments are driving demand for greater flexibility.

Day use locker features include:

  1. Creating secure storage for dynamic workplaces
  2. Enhancing student amenities at universities
  3. Creating a luxurious experience at a gym or spa
  4. Revolutionizing checkout procedures for libraries
  5. Enabling process improvements in the healthcare sector

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